Global Justice Leaders

Researcher in Economics and Sustainable Development

“The Simultaneous Policy is a simple, peaceful, low-risk and clear invitation for humankind to jump – in two steps – from a present spiral headed toward auto-destruction, into another one oriented toward life, cooperation and spiritual growth. To share is to live.”

Founder, Oxford Research Group, UK

"I think John Bunzl's 'Global Domestic Politics' is a terrific book. You are writing with great clarity and it makes all the difference that you bring in Spiral Dynamics and Integral thinking. This allows you to make such strong points about diverse values and non-democratic nations. Until I read your clear analysis, I hadn't realised just how much destructive international competition is central to governments' problems."

Founder, Forum for Democratic Global Governance

"What I  admire about your book is the breadth of your knowledge, the inherent logic of your approach and your courage to be solution-oriented. I believe that the Simpol approach is doable and may, as you argue, be more realistic than any other approach at this point in time."

ATTAC Québec, Canada

“…the best ideas are the simplest. With a system like this, there’s no way for governments to wriggle out. All excuses evaporate. It’s a system which unmasks all those seeking to hide behind theoretical impossibilites. I can’t wait to see what follows. Well done Simpol!”

Director of the International Society for Ecology & Culture

"Your idea for a simultaneous policy is excellent .... Let's hope that people start to listen to this important message.”

Former President, The Schumacher Society

"The adoption of a Simultaneous Policy would eliminate the worst aspects of destructive competition from the economic system whilst promoting a recognition of the interdependence of each and all.”

Quaker Peace and Service, QPSW London

"...I believe the Simultaneous Policy offers a prophetic and practical approach to the global politico-economic problems of our generation. Certainly it is one which would appeal to Quakers."

Co-Founder & Trustee, Peace Child International

"Like many I meet, you have a great grasp of the apocalypse towards which we are hurtling. Unlike most, you have a plausible, viable proposal for avoiding that apocalypse."

Co-founder, Trident Ploughshares Right Livelihood Award, 2001 

“There is a mechanism available for politicians to regain the power to act in the interests of ordinary people and for democracy to blossom. The Simultaneous Policy: an Insider's Guide to Saving Humanity and the Planet by John Bunzl is a must for politicians, their constituents and all those concerned with creating a sustainable global economy.”

Politicians & Diplomats

Former Labour Member of Parliament, UK 

"Simultaneous Policy is very stimulating... by substituting internationalism for globalisation, cooperation for competition, humanity for markets, and wisdom for materialism, you have unlocked a powerhouse for good."

President of East Timor. Nobel Peace Prize Laureat

"I am pleased to confirm to you my interest in endorsing the Simultaneous Policy campaign and to be as active in its support as I can."

President, International Progress Organization

"In our era of global challenges and increasing interconnectedness between nation-states, transnational coordination among concerned citizens has become an indispensable element of democracy. I hope that many voters will make use of Simpol's innovative approach." 

Academics & Economists

Professor (MIT), political activist, author 

"It’s ambitious and provocative. Can it work? Certainly worth a serious try.” 

Dept. of Sociology, Boston College, Boston 

"There are ideas here that could change the world.”

Norwegian professor of social anthropology, University of Oslo, Norway

"Nearly everything has been globalised except democracy, and the challenges facing humanity in this century cannot possibly be dealt with by states acting on their own. John Bunzl's proposal is as original as it is pertinent, and would represent a huge step forward in promoting collective goals beyond those of the nation-state."

Executive Director, Institute for Ethics and Emerging Technologies. Associate Editor, Journal of Evolution and Technology.

"Simpol does get at the nub of the problem, the prisoners dilemma that stymies individual nations from enacting policies."

Dept. of Politics, University of Winnipeg, Canada

"Anti-globalization demonstrators have the attention of the world. If they wish to hold that attention, and start to make an impact on policy, they must now follow Simpol's lead and propose workable alternatives to the status quo.”

John H. Biggs Distinguished Professor of Economics, Washington University, St. Louis, USA.

"Democratic institutions are the best that we have - but have many deficiencies. One is that the focus on local problems can lead to "beggar thy neighbor" policies. We may hope that transnational political organization can help overcome this - and Simpol is a creative ground-up effort to make this happen."

Secretary General of Co-operatives UK

“[The Simultaneous Policy is] an elegant idea of how change could occur. It reflects the core ideas of how to create consensus around change.”

Guelph University, Canada. Author, 'The Cancer Stage of Capitalism'

"...Bunzl argues for a program of restoring social control over the blind destructiveness of corporate globalisation by simultaneous government policies across world borders. The need for simultaneity of sovereign state action is an important new dimension of a debate affecting all planetary life.”

Head of the Forschungsinstitut für anwendungsorientierte Wissensverarbeitung/n(FAW/n)

"Simpol is an important initiative for combating major global challenges which depend on a deep systems-theoretical understanding both of current systems-theoretical challenges and potential solutions."

former editor, New European (European Business Review)

"Bunzl is, I feel, the first writer on the 'sustainable society' to advance beyond rhetoric and grapple with the problem of how such a society might be achieved".

Evolutionary Systems Theorists

Founder of "Evolve" and The Foundation for Conscious Evolution

“Simultaneous Policy is the first social initiative I have found which actually offers a political mechanism to further the evolutionary imperative for greater cooperation at the large scale level.”

Author and Futurist

"In an age when our problems are global and national governance structures are weakened and inadequate, it is absolutely necessary to think about the shape of effective global governance. This cannot be simply national government "writ large", for that would also enlarge the problems and inefficiencies of national governance. It must be a holistic and evolutionary governance system, and as to the articulation of the essential features of such a system, John Bunzl makes an essential contribution. Highly recommended for anyone concerned with our collective future on this small and largely mismanaged planet."

Author, Earthdance - Living Systems in Evolution

"From my vantage point as an evolution biologist, John Bunzl's Simultaneous Policy is an idea whose time has come and an imperative if we are to evolve humanity from its juvenile competitive stage to its cooperative species maturity. A wonderful 'no risk' strategy for finding agreement on important issues in building global community!"

Author, Evolution's Arrow - The Direction of Evolution and the Future of Humanity 

"The Simpol proposal is a practical means of moving toward global governance. It should be an effective means of achieving cooperation where any individual government that behaves cooperatively will be disadvantaged until other governments also do so."

Author of "Does Altruism Exist?" and President of the Evolution Institute

"It's a pleasure to read a book that captures the modern evolutionary worldview so well and your actual solution is very clever. We even share an awareness of the need for a psychological therapeutic process and a global policy-making process."

Integral Theorists

Integral teacher, trainer, consultant and writer. Co-author, with Ken Wilber, of "Integral Life Practice".

"Simpol is brilliant and important. It enables trans-national creativity to get a running start long before established institutions are ready to act or even get out of the way."

Author of Integral Consciousness and Evolution's Purpose.

"I enthusiastically recommend the work of the International Simultaneous Policy Organization (SIMPOL). Innovative strategies to evolve politics and global governance are sorely needed in our increasingly globalized world, and SIMPOL offers a new and promising approach on the long road to democratic global law."

American philosopher, author and founder of Integral Theory.

“The central idea of Simpol is very powerful; that is, the notion of how to link votes in one country with votes in another - how to link political action in one country with action in another. International competition is built-in to the nation-state system at its current level of development and so the issue is not environmental concerns, but how to get humans to agree on environmental concerns. This is really fascinating and very hopeful. In my opinion this is the crucial issue for the 21st century.”